Integrated high volume, advance mass production manufacturing processes:  Integrated high-speed machining, advanced 3D printing, and diffusion bonding allows for high volume production of robust, high-quality, low-cost recuperators for applications in harsh environments.


Reduced Manufacturing Cost: 3D Printing for MCHX Technology’s micro-channel heat exchangers largely eliminates material waste to significantly reduce costs and allows for improved design and manufacturing flexibility to provide optimum performance.

Smooth Surfaces to Reduce Pressure Loss: In addition, unlike conventional 3D laser printing, heat exchangers manufactured by MCHX Technology’s integrated advanced manufacturing methodology provide smooth surfaces to minimize fluid pressure losses and leak tight pressure boundaries.


Diffusion Bonded Heat Exchanger Assemblies: 

High temperature heat exchangers recuperators for gas turbines for power generation, solid oxide fuel cells, and turboprop engines in aviation experience extreme thermal and mechanical loads.  MCHX Technology’s recuperator assemblies are diffusion bonded providing superior structural integrity as compared to brazed or welded assemblies.

High temperature Materials:  MCHX Technology’s recuperators are fabricated of high temperature materials such as stainless steels and nickel based alloys, and light weight titanium alloys for aviation applications.  Currently under development by MCHX Technology are light weight, high temperature ceramic heat exchangers.



Quality Control and Prototype Testing:  MCHX Technology provides prototype performance testing of recuperators to validate optimum performance for a customer’s system.

Professional Publications and Presentations

  • Providing presentation at the ASME International Gas Turbine Institute conference 2021 on Advanced Manufacturing for Turbines, titled: “Recuperated Micro-Turbine Design and Manufacturing using additive-built parts and advanced manufacturing Techniques
  • Presented at THERMEC 2018, held in Paris, France, July 2018; The Materials Society (TMS), and ASM annual International conference. Presentation “Significant Benefits of 3D Screen Printing for manufacturing Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers”.
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  • Published article in Refrigeration Contractor, “Liquid Pressure Amplification Pumps”.
  • Presenter:1998 ASHRAE Technical Conference in Toronto, Canada "Emerging Technologies in Micro-Scale Heat Exchangers".
  • Presenter:1998 Osaka, Japan Chamber of Commerce "Ultra Compact Heat Exchangers".
  • Under the US AEP Presented to the Taiwan Energy Commission - Joint Seminar on Energy Cooperation "Advanced Heat Transfer Technology", Jan 2002.